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Maybe it's cold and miserable where you're at, or maybe it's perfect riding weather. Either way, a little moto-vation never hurts :)

This video documents the trip we took to Utah this last March, where Curt and I met up with Everide, Jae, Mr. Duhfactor, and Goat Cabeza in beautiful St. Geo...

Have you been looking for a Headset? Here's the Sena Bluetooth 10s (what I have and LOVE) for about $100 off! I don't get any commission from this deal, but it's so good I HAD to pass it along!
Here's Amazon for comparison:

This is how most people feel when out riding #adventure #motorcycles :)
@brent_whitney demonstrates the joy!
#everide #ADV #dualsport #klr650 #ktm #utah

The mighty #klr650 tractor before it was Frankensteined. I'm stoked to donate this bike (and all its new bits) to the @motorcyclerelief project, whether through an auction or an outright donation as a very usable #adventure bike. The MRP, and especially the veterans they serve, deserve it and more! Stay tuned to my #YouTube channel for details!
#MuchLove #everide #ADV

If you ride a DRZ, this is some IMPORTANT info! I've had a clutch switch AND the kickstand switch go out on my KLR, and when I heard it can also happen on a DRZ (which leaves you electrically stranded) I decided to disable these switches immediately. Check out WheeliePete's brief video (and excellent stickers!) on how it's done:

How to bypass, delete, and/or eliminate the kickstand safety switch found on the DR-Z400 series motorcycles. Link to my video on bypassing the clutch lever s...

Remember the first time you crashed? Remember the last time? After a nasty bail, I think many people go back to that first crash and think, "Is this worth doing?"
When things get bad, it's easy to justify quitting. We often blind ourselves to the great times and get stuck in the moment, consumed by pain or even short-term regret.
Remember that life gets better, the good times will return, injuries heal, and there are few greater feelings than staring down the fear of a passion you once held dear and whispering to yourself, "I got this."

Anybody get any insane deals this Black Friday? Any awesome deals (moto or otherwise) posting today? Share the links if you found something awesome! I've been boring with just a few computer bits, but hopefully they equal better videos!

This week's adventure takes us away from Moab and to the West Desert, Butterfield Canyon, and American Fork Canyon. It was cold, rainy, slick, and PERFECT!

Be sure not to miss the first episode of our dual sport adventure! Our Dual Sport Motorcycle Adventure through Utah continues in...

An oldie but a goodie! @brent_whitney caught this snap of the #drz400 Black Widow's #wheelie at high noon.
#everide #ADV #dualsport

Going way back in the archive to when my #klr650 was still just a tractor. I've loved this #motorcycle for many years... My first #dualsport.
#everide #ADV

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