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A little #wheelie for your Wednesday!
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4 Off Road Tips that helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Check out the YT chan chan for the full HD video!

@accidentalbroadcast takes a break on his legendary #wr250r "Athena" near #slickrock trail in #Moab #Utah.
From meeting extremely cool people like @mr.schmaz and @willsir502 to literally begging for my life in a Ford Raptor, this trip was unbelievably good!
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It's pretty rare that I get snippy in the YouTube comments section, especially to long-term subscribers who I know and recognize.

To my buddy Ryan, aka Halfthrottle, would you have stopped your channel if the money on YouTube was enough to support your family? And to my hombre Kalani AKA AccidentalBroadcast, if you made as much from motovlogging as you did from your other business ventures, wouldn't that make it easier to spend your very valuable time making more videos?

I'm enormously grateful for my patrons. It's a cold, hard fact: without them the videos would no longer exist. If you never plan on becoming a patron that's absolutely okay! You're always welcome to the free content, and you'll never owe me a dime!
But complaining that the two greatest dual sport motovloggers ever have either stopped or slowed down and then telling me I "sold out" to stay afloat is a little ironic.

It's definitely not all about money. There's a huge amount of passion that goes into creating videos and content. Ryan, Kalani, and I know that, because every one of us puts our heart and soul in our videos, out there for the world to judge and hate, or love and enjoy. However, if I were to choose between going with my passion or putting a roof over my kids' heads, you already know my decision, because I've already made it... and for three years I've wrestled with that decision.

For those three years I've put my business--the business of creating FREE content in a niche market--before my family in most ways. We've struggled though A LOT so that I could pursue this dream. We've had almost nothing for that entire time, and almost every dollar has been spent on equipment, repairs, gear, and even free stickers to send out for this business... the business of creating videos that everybody gets for free, with no expectation of payment or favor.

If I wanted to make money, I'd have done something else. I'd have relocated, sold the bikes, and kept teaching... even a job at McDonald's would have paid better. But I honestly LOVE riding, I love nature, and I love sharing that passion with others. I even love editing.. most times ;)

My point is... Halfthrottle did the right thing when he stopped making videos. He put his family first, and I can say that he made the right decision. AccidentalBroadcast put motovlogging on the backburner so he could make a living. He also made the right decision.

There have been many sleepless nights where I knew I had made the WRONG decision. I regretted my decision to put this crazy business... this ridiculous passion first. Nights when I knew my kids would get crap at school the next day because their clothing from head-to-toe was second hand, their shoes were ratty, and they ate government lunches. Nights when I had no idea how we'd afford our house payment or even the utilities. Nights when I genuinely believed that my family would have been better off without me... that I was just bringing them down because I was too stubborn or too stupid to quit this crazy YouTube garbage, but too poor to afford life insurance, so my thoughts of suicide were abated simply because even if I died, they'd still be poor... at least until my wife found a decent man with a real job who could provide for their needs.

In my mind there is nothing more devastating to a husband and father than to let his family down. And for three years I did just that.

So now when I'm finally getting a hold of it, finally providing for my family while still doing something I love, I feel extremely blessed. My family has been through a lot. They've sacrificed a lot. My kids have gone without, but because they're young and happy they never knew. But I knew what they went without. My wife knows.

The patrons and the people who very kindly use my links made that happen. So it hits me like a punch in the face when people say I've "sold out". Would I sell out again to provide for my family and keep making content for this awesome audience? Absolutely. I would "sell out" every day for the rest of my life to make that happen.

It's those three years of hardship... THAT'S why I'm so grateful to my patrons, to people who use my links, and even to people who just watch the videos. Because without them I'd be right back there, scraping to pay the electric bill, eyes glued wide for another sleepless night.

Actually, I wouldn't. I'd simply go back to another passion of mine: teaching. I'd forget all this crazy YouTube stuff. I'd ride my motorcycle WITHOUT two cameras velcro'd to my head! How would that be for a change?! ;)

And who exactly have I sold out to? Nobody is required to pay. The content always has been and always will be free. I don't make BS reviews to get a paycheck from a sponsor. I've turned down dozens of sponsorships because after using the product they sent, I wouldn't sell my soul to hock it to my audience. I don't wear a paid brand and I buy 99% of the stuff I ride, use, and review. I work hard. I put my soul into my videos. I create for my audience, not for a company. 0.005% of my audience just happens to be awesome enough to give a little something back in return. If that's selling out, then I'm proud to sell out. Working hard enough to make content, even though it's free to consume, that people feel is worth their hard-earned money... to accept their patronage is something I can be proud of. They work hard for their money, and it's an honor that they find my content good enough to contribute without being compelled.

So it's funny, really, to finally make a video on how I did it. How I am finally making ends meet... and then try and share that information with others so they can try it, too. And then be met with the response, "You sold out."

So to the OP, forget "Selling out" and ask yourself, "Who is the one getting something for nothing in this relationship?" I upload thousands of my life's hours, and you consume the result of those hours by clicking a button, sitting, breathing, and keeping your eyes open. I'm glad that you even take the effort to click the videos. But don't get bent out of shape when I work my butt off to create the content, or when other, kinder people work their butts off at their jobs and very generously contribute just a little of the money they make so that folks like you can continue to click, sit, and watch... for nothing in return. If you want to know who keeps my videos coming, look at my patrons. If you want to know who's to blame as to why Accidental Broadcast and Halfthrottle don't make a lot of content anymore, look in the mirror.

You know it's going to be an awesome day on the #dirtbikes with these guys! Today was my first full day on a #2stroke #yamaha #yz125 and I was surprised by how much fun it was!

A poignant explanation of why I still ride a motorcylce, even though I was nearly killed while riding and many consider it dangerous and even stupid.
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