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So many amazing miles on this most recent #adventure, like a #Utah highlight tour. We clocked nearly 1000 miles off road, saw countless amazing vistas like this, and topped it off yesterday with a brutal #enduro ride through the badlands.
I need to say thank you once again for making all this possible. I'll do my best to continue making the best videos I can and will pay your kindness forward.

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Agenda for today: ride in beautiful areas, have a blast with friends, enjoy my family, create memories, and make a video in hopes that it might help others do the same.

It looks like I've REALLY upset Joe Berk at CSC with my review of the RX3 Cyclone. So much so that he created a blog post on the official CSC blog, including personal attacks and conjecture, and has been posting it everywhere he can, just for me:
Here is my review of CSC's RX3 Cyclone, which has really ticked off Joe and a few CSC owners:

I appreciate the willingness for Joe to get my channel out there on the official CSC blog. Any press is good press, right? Especially on Google. I'll return the favor by sharing his blog post to 12,000 Facebook followers, and those who visit my website.

I'd like to answer Mr. Berk's very pointed and valid questions below, and ask that my awesome audience respond to any negativity with kindness, understanding, and respect:

Joe Berk: Why do you not reveal your real name on your videos? Are you going to continue to hide behind your screen name?

Me: Yes, I probably will. I enjoy a little anonymity, just like hundreds of thousands of other YouTube channels, and the majority of YouTube users.

Joe Berk: Who exactly are your “gentleducers?” Specifically, are any of them dealers, distributors, importers, or manufacturers? Would you be “brutally honest” enough to share that information?

Me: Sure thing! My gentleducers are my Patrons at It's a group of about 240 people who usually chip in a dollar or two to fund 2 or 3 videos per month. They make it possible for the channel to continue without heavy sponsorship or the bias that may come with selling ad space. They are private contributors without editorial sway on reviews, however they do help me choose which products/motorcycles to review. In fact, it was the Patrons that voted for a review on the CSC RX3, since they wanted to know more about your motorcycle and CSC as a company. I've enlightened them about the RX3, and you've done an excellent job on enlightening them about CSC's corporate leadership and public relations.

Joe Berk: How do you rationalize that Rider magazine, magazine, Adventure Motorcycle magazine, ADVPulse magazine, Revzilla magazine, Motorcyclist magazine, and Cycle magazine all gave the RX3 positive reviews, and yours is the only decidedly negative one? Are you that much more knowledgeable than people like Evans Brasfield, Tom Roderick, Ari Henning, Brian Hatano, Joe Gresh, Rob Dabney, Paul H. Smith, and other respected names in our industry?

Me: That's great that they gave the RX3 neutral/positive reviews! Those are respectable motoring publications with respectable writers that know a lot more about motorcycles than I do. I'm just an average dual sport rider with a channel on YouTube. Nobody needs to listen to me, and the many happy CSC owners don't need to listen, either. For my own audience who tends to enjoy off-roading more, though, I could not recommend the RX3 for their needs.

Joe Berk: In one of your rants, you said the RX3 was dangerous (you may have since deleted that comment). If you feel the bike is dangerous, how can you justify selling it to anyone? Incidentally, that is not just my question; others have asked it as well, but I presume you’ve deleted those comments from your videos.

Me: I mentioned that it may be dangerous off road in the video itself, and I stick by that assertion. I also think it would make an alright commuter, and I stick by that assertion, too. I recall deleting around 3 comments total (banning 2 different users, one under several names) from my channel for making personal attacks on my audience or myself.

Joe Berk: Why is the tone of your last video (the one in which you are trying to sell your RX3) suddenly positive? You don’t present the bike nearly as negatively as you did in the earlier videos. Is your “brutal honesty” situational?

Me: The information in the auction video is nothing new, I said in the auction video that I didn't like the motorcycle, and there is a link to the full review in the description, along with these words: "I'll be honest, I didn't like this motorcycle for off roading or long-distance rides. However it's not a bad commuter with some light off-roading thrown in."
My audience watched the review and they're certainly not stupid. I'd be an idiot to think that I could get away with making an honest review then saying, "It's an awesome bike!" in the very next video. If I wanted to get a better resale for the bike, shouldn't I have reviewed it more positively? Instead I chose to be honest about it, and I'll take a hit on the sale of the bike. To sweeten the deal and get the bike off my hands to make room for the next review, I'm offering a private tour to the winner if the bid gets above $2500. That way, the winner gets the tour AND a bike, which they can probably take home and resell for at least that much to somebody who may enjoy the RX3. So for some lucky winner, that will pretty much equate to a free tour and free food!
Also, all proceeds above $2,500 from the auction of the bike and the adventure tour will go to either or LDS Humanitarian Services Disaster Relief. The $2500 will help me recoup some of the $2900 I paid to buy the motorcycle with my own cash, and will be used to review other motorcycles and gear for my audience. I had several good things to say about the RX3 in the review video, including positive things to say about Zongshen and CSC as a company. I still believe Zongshen will come out with an amazing midweight motorcycle in the future, but after your personal attacks and unprofessional response to a single review, for now I rescind my comments about CSC being a "stand up company."

Joe Berk: Finally, and please, no bullsh*t answers here, why are you deleting responses from your comments section from actual owners who like their bikes? Do you think that is being honest?

Me: Like I mentioned before, I'm pretty sure I personally banned 2 users (including a Mr. Crawford who admittedly came back under several different accounts) and deleted 3 comments. However, I have other filters in place that block keywords in comments, so some comments are never posted nor seen by me or anybody else. With thousands of incoming comments across hundreds of videos, I have a few friends who also moderate (but not respond) to comments on the channel. They should only be deleting comments that contain personal attacks or overly offensive content, and if other comments were deleted, that was a mistake. Even so, there are plenty of negative reviews and feedback in the comments section that aren't removed because those users never made personal attacks towards my friends, my audience, or me. I couldn't care less if a person does not like my video or my opinion, but I do draw the line at personal attacks with a ban.

It's also a matter of what I (and my moderators) like showing up in my comment sections. Would you like it if somebody came into your showroom, ranting and raving and calling you and your customers names? Both of us lead a business and have an audience, and we both do our best to help our audience have a good time when using our products. We owe it to our audience/customers to help them feel comfortable by banning rude people or kicking them out of your showroom. I also ban and advise a ban on overly offensive or personal comments because when my audience (which is the greatest audience in the world) reads those comments, they eat trolls for breakfast. Honestly, in many cases I feel bad for the trolls.

Perhaps the comments that I've been accused of removing are at the bottom of all the comments section? Perhaps the outrage was never even there in the first place? After all, I can't block or ban dislikes. There are a mere 15 dislikes on the video right now, and 632 likes. My stats show that I've lost a total of 3 subscribers from the video, but gained 21. I haven't even seen the majority of the comments, but from what I did read, most of them were quite positive.

As for the continued personal attacks from angry CSC owners on the video, I'll let them stay from now on. I'm sure they'll make lots of new friends, and I'll do my best to encourage my awesome audience to be kind. (Please be kind, guys! ;) ) The haters are not part of my audience anyway, and I owe them nothing. People in my audience who own the RX3 have sent messages and left comments stating that they agree for the most part, but they'll continue to enjoy the bike because it works well for them.

Quickly, about censorship, there are two types. Deleting personal attacks, and trying to silence any criticism by MAKING personal attacks. Now everybody knows that if they make it known publicly that they don't enjoy your products, you'll do everything you can to discredit, deceive, and tear down the critic.

In conclusion, I feel bad that it hurt you, Joe. It wasn't meant to be personal at all. I was hesitant to say anything bad about the RX3 (You can see it in this Patreon post:, and went back and forth with my gentleducers on whether it was more ethical to spare feelings or be honest, because I truly didn't want to hurt you or your business. However, in my opinion (and not the opinions of other professional reviewers, magazines, or hundreds of happy owners who would disagree) the RX3 isn't a good motorcycle for off roading or long-distance travel. That lone opinion doesn't reflect on you, on CSC as a company, on Zongshen as a company, on Chinese imports, or on your happy customers. You'll have to admit, when compared to other dual sports, the RX3 isn't brilliant off-road, and to my off-road audience who wanted to know about its off-road capabilities, it's lack of off-road ability was important information to convey.

If you'd like to open up a professional dialogue on the RX3 itself (perhaps explain how positive changes will be made in the future? Or how there's a larger engine in the works? Perhaps refute some of my claims about its shortcomings? After all, I've made plenty of mistakes before, and I was sure to make some when taking the RX3 a mere 1000 miles for the review.) If you'd be open to dialogue or constructive criticism, I'd be happy to review the next generation of the RX, but it will also be brutally honest.

As for the personal attacks, those don't paint you, CSC, Zongshen, or CSC owners in a good light. Nobody wants to join a community of angry, defensive, militant haters, or buy a motorcycle from an importer managed by angry men. As a niche importer you already have an uphill battle to convince people to buy your motorcycles when there are many great used options out there with proven track records of reliability. Perhaps you'll solidify your loyal base customers with angry and defensive posts and comments, but creating blog posts like that (and many comments across different forums where you personally attack anybody who doesn't like your motorcycles) comes off quite unprofessionally, and may not help you sell your motorcycles in the long run.

Like I said in the review, I see massive potential, and the middleweight dual sport/ADV market NEEDS Chinese competition. Please, make that competition happen! Push the industry! Grow to be a powerhouse! My audience and I WANT you to import great motorcycles!

So no hard feelings. I get pretty bent out of shape when people talk badly about my videos, and I understand how you would be upset to have some random YouTuber talk badly about your product. Let's have a professional dialogue and work to improve your products, and thereby improve the market.

Joe, I wish you, CSC, and Zongshen the best of luck.


Ty Theobald
aka Tyler from the eveRide channel

Remember that time when I took the #drz400 to Africa? Oh wait... Maybe it was Australia? Nah, just another amazing spot close to my home in the #dualsport paradise of #Utah! Yesterday's #adventure day trip truly had it all.
#everide #ADV #dualsportlife #ridetheworld #wlfenduro #advrider

The last ten days has seen the red rock of Moab, the alpine forests of the Wasatch Mountains, the vastness of the West Desert, and today the cliffs through the back door of Zion and desert highlands of my backyard playground. It's been an epic time with MrDuhfactor, Minitstop Motostuffs, Buddahead808 Productions, and Brent Whitney!

@45minitstop, @buddahead808, and @mrduhfactor carve a switchback in Butterfield Canyon. Riding with these guys for the last week has been a blast!
#everide #ADV #dualsportlife #ridetheworld #wlfenduro #advrider #Utah #drz #moto #wr250 #ktm990

Another brief adventure comes to a close. Every day has brought new challenges: broken bikes, foul weather, film gear malfunctions, and impassible trails. However, every misfortune has been eclipsed by great company, amazing riding, good laughs, and unforgettable memories. Thanks for the epic trip and the pic @mrduhfactor!
#everide #drz400 #ADV #utah #ridetheworld #dualsport #advrider

It's been a dirty, dirty #motorcycle lately! The 2000 #drz400 #dualsport continues to work flawlessly both on road and off. Sand, snow, rain, hail, mud, rock, and plenty of pavement. This was shot in the West Desert. Today's destination: alpine singletrack.
#everide #ADV #dualsportlife #ridetheworld #wlfenduro #advrider #Utah #drz #moto #bikie

As always, #moab seemed to be over far too quickly. This weekend We're in the Wasatch Mountains, breathing in the fall colors and maybe even getting into some early snow.
#everide #drz400 #ADV #utah #ridetheworld #dualsport

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