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Knocked out about 200 international #everide stickers today! It would have been more if not for those pesky child labor laws! ;)

Enjoy, and much love from the US!

Nearly finished with the RX3 review. The crash bars have been crashed, the bash plate has been bashed. The rear rim is dented and the exhaust nearly fell off. I'd say my testing so far has put the "brutal" in "brutally honest review".
This little trooper will be up for auction or sale soon, with all proceeds above $2500 going toward flood victims. Anybody interested in a practical commuter? I bought it a month ago for $2900 and put 1000 obviously hard miles on it through Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Im thinking that whoever buys/wins will get a private Badlands tour thrown in! ;)

For years I've been intrigued by the Zero Motorcycles FX: a fully electric, road legal dirt bike with 70 ft lbs of torque, 44 hp, a belt drive, Showa suspension, a direct drive, and nearly silent operation.
If I had the opportunity to get one of these beasties, would you enjoy an honest review on one? Yes or no. :)

Full specs and info on demo rides at -- Whether you’re flogging it supermoto style, indulging in urban hoolig...

Here's @hermitdavlog at 13,114+ feet at #imogenepass shot by the #djiphantom3 ... I can't wait to get home and edit these shots!

The testing continues in Colorado. I hope you guys enjoy videos with amazing mountain vistas!

It's not the machine, but where the machine takes you. But a good machine is nice, too, though ;)

@hermitdavlog let me ride his Honda #xr250r this weekend through Colorado's San Juan Mountains. This is shot on the north side below #imogenepass

Epic footage coming soon on the "Tube Yous"!

Sorry but there won't be a video this weekend. I'm on my way to Colorado to film one, though :) #everide

The brutally honest testing of the RX3 Cyclone continues. 1000 miles down. Not long after this picture I had a pretty mellow lowside, with some pretty unmellow damage to the bike.

A few people have wondered, "How does the KLR 650 do on the Ghost Rally Commute? Well, I went out and set a time. Where do you think it stacks up vs. the WR, DRZ, and RX3? Enjoy!

Many asked if I could take the KLR 650 and set a time on my "test track", the Commute. While I did worse than I thought I would, it does show what this near ...

WHOA! My Buddy Chris N. just showed me some factory blems that Rotopax is selling on their eBay page for as low as $5! I just got a 2 gallon and a mount for $10 shipped! Get on this because they're selling FAST!

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