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Have you ever worked your face off but had nothing to show for it? I'm at that point right now, trying to switch from Vegas to Davinci Resolve. The learning curve is STEEEP! This means that even though I'm working hard, there won't be any videos this weekend :(

DCAM Update! Need some mounting hardware for your camera? Use coupon code TYKJQZEP to snag this huge generic GoPro kit for $9!

A brisk morning reminds me that winter is coming, but this pic from last February is about as bad as it gets in the #badlands! It's been a pretty hot summer. My riding season is just getting started!
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Sony just released their brand new 4k (and 1080p) Action Cams with Balanced Optical Steady Shot! I've been waiting for this camera for a lonnnnng time. Review coming shortly!
I'm happy to put moolah back into the channel to make better videos but... uh... does anybody need a slightly used kidney? ;)

Tired of the presidential stuff? Me too! This gave me a good laugh this morning :)

Forget the #presidentialdebate! Go for the #RideIn candidate: Malcolm Smith for President!

These guys endured a tough but beautiful trail during the #afteRally with only minimal casualties: a lost airbox cover, stripped shifter splines, busted clutch cover, and only a few spills. Still had a blast!
#everide #dualsport

The Top 5 Reasons I Love Dual Sport Motorcycles!

What are your reasons for loving your dual sport motorcycle? Let us know in the comments below! Here are my top 5 reasons why dual sport motorcycles are the ...

Sunrise at #Zion NP while riding through on the #klr650 for the #FlyingMonkeyAdventureRally
The #afteRally starts tomorrow! Anybody who is interested in joining us for some rides in the #badlands, make sure to connect with @deedualsport. (Dr. Dualsport), he will lead you to St. George and we'll meet up to show you the camping area Monday morning. More info on the Flying monkey event page.

Young and old, from all different walks of life, #dualsport riding brings out the best people. Meeting @gs_crasher from Illinois, @twigsadv from CA, and Stephen from AZ was excellent, along with with the ever adventurous @deedualsport after a summer of farming. I can't wait to meet others and ride again today!
#everide #ADV #utah #flyingmonkeyadventureriders #FlyingMonkeyAdventureRally

The #klr650 Frankentractor is all ready for the #FlyingMonkeyAdventureRally... beat up #Tusk panniers and all! lol 😁

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