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Stoked to have @motomancation in town this week! They've been #ADV riding through Colorado, Moab, and are now hanging out in the moto mansion for some riding in the badlands. Definitely check out their legendary photos! Thanks for using #everide guys!

@motomancation - Above a #rainbow on the top of #porcupinerim. This trail offers some serious challenges and technical sections meant more for a trials bike than a #dr650se and a #crf250l but we still had a blast. #motoutah #advutah #everide #motooadventures #motomancation

Overlooking Warner Valley from Sand Hollow on the #yamaha #wr250. I had an awesome time yesterday with new buddies Quentin and David. I love where I live!

To some it's just a red dirt road by some cliffs. To me... it's dual sport paradise! Enjoy! Follow eveRide and #everide for more!
In other news: After I answered YouTube's "anonymous survey" in a brutally honest fashion, they've cut pay, killed my views, and I've had a lot of messages telling me that people no longer get notifications when I upload... so if this videos gets some traction on Facebook, this may be my new platform for video. Whaddaya think?

A little scoot down the cliffs and switchbacks of Black Bear Pass behind @hermitdavlog
#everide #ADV #dualsport

Mondays are a lot like sand.... a real drag till ya lean back and get some momentum! Great shot by @dualsport_jeeper! Use #everide on Instagram for a chance to be featured 🤙

Not a bad place to stop and take a break. Have a fantastic weekend!
#everide #ADV #dualsport #ridetheworld #dirtbike #Colorado #adventure

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the great people and beautiful experiences I've been blessed to meet and live. Thank you so much for letting me share and being a part of this crazy journey I call life. When I say much love, I truly mean it.
At times I feel guilty because I can't be everything to everyone. I let too many comments and messages go unanswered. I feel like I've alienated good friends, relationships, and even family because I lack the time and self control to maintain meaningful connections. The larger this crazy everide thing becomes, the more I shrink... The more I want to hide. It's hardly "fame", but whatever it is it's not my element. I feel like the more people discover the stuff I make, the more people I let down in some way or another. This fear often has me scrambling to keep simple connections at the expense of the most important people in my life: family. I've really scaled back on social media lately both personally and with the everide stuff. It has made me a happier person, a better husband, and a better father, but I do feel like it has alienated many people and hurt friendships that are important to me. I feel like I'm spread just a little too thin sometimes. I don't know where I'm going with all this... I just need to apologize for the one sided communication lately. That's where the gratitude comes in. Even though I've let so many people down in some way or another, they forgive me and don't give up on me. They stand by me even when my head's not on straight or the content is stale. Thank you, again. Many times I feel like I don't deserve this opportunity you give me to share this stuff and to live this dream. So again, all I can say is thank you, and a very sincere "much love!"

Riding #dualsport #motorcycles at 13,114 feet altitude makes everything seem small. A very short and sneaky preview of footage from the #Colorado #adventure trip.
#everide #ADV #imogenepass #Dji #djimavic #mavicpro #mavic #aerialphoto #aerialvideo @djiglobal

The great wide open ☉ Great 📷 by @advjeff! Use #everide on Instagram for a chance to be featured 🤙

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