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WHAT?! Anybody wanna teach me how to fly a drone like this? I don't know what's cooler... the moto or the drone!!

Something I have wanted to do for a LONG time!!! I learned alot doing this and can not wait for next time! This is one of the most challenging things I have ...

This motorcycle was TOO CLOSE to becoming a massive fireball! What would you do in this situation???

Are you missing videos of the badlands? I sure am! Check out my buddy Dallas' shredfest through Warner Valley and subscribe to his chan chan! Oh and warning... HE RIPS!

Whats up! Bringing you another trail ride video from Warner Valley. This times it's from the lower part along side the red cliffs. I'm kinda new to this edit...

IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD TO EDIT AGAIN! Here's a little video about joy and pain, you can see the whole thing in full HD with better music and a nice little message at Much love for all the awesome pics and amor you guys are sending my way with #everide!

You guys know I've been experimenting with new logos for the chan chan, and in light of recent medical events in my life have been considering taking eveRide in a different direction. Well, with the guidance of my excellent patrons, I've decided to ditch the low-pay, high risk genre of dual sport moto and cash in on a few of the most respected and viewed online topics out there: Peppa Pig surprise eggs, viral fake news propaganda, and makeup tutorial vids that are #totes #adorbs. I feel this is a natural direction for the channel, and should be an easy transition for the gentletubers! I'm excited to have you all along! #everide

Last night I published a new eveRide logo across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon. Today, I'm not so sure, but my wife still loves it. What do you honestly think?? Take the survey!

If you need a decent motorcycle helmet for yourself or a buddy, this is a solid deal! Speed and Strength SS1200 for $39!

Help me live vicariously through YOUR adventures! Use #everide and tag @everide in your Instagram posts so I can check them out, follow you, and feature them on my Facebook and Instagram feeds! This is the greatest moto community in the world! #MuchLove!

DCAM update! Need some new spring moto stuff? Use coupon code CSAVE15OFFMARCH and PayPal to get $15 your purchase of $75 or more at eBay! Using this link helps out the chan chan:
Thanks and much love!

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