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We really had such an excellent time on this ride! It's always cool to see other people's take on the Badlands. Check out Twig's take on the FMAR!

Join TWiG for Day 4 of his Utah Journey where he FINALLY gets the chance to go out in eveRide's backyard... and rip through some of the Badlands of Utah with...

The mighty #HondaGrom and #KawasakiZ125 on #Haleakala. These bikes were enormously fun to ride in the twists! Another huge thanks to @ride_maui and @45minitstop for an awesome day!

ACTION ALERT! AMA just released this information:
U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) introduced H.J.Res. 44 on Jan. 30, which would use the Congressional Review Act to block the implementation of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's Planning 2.0 rule. The American Motorcyclist Association is concerned the planning rule's focus on landscape-level management minimizes input from local governments, public officials and private citizens and fails to address economic impact and administrative costs of the proposed changes.

The AMA supports H.J.Res. 44 and sent a letter to Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) urging Congress to block the planning rule using the CRA. You can use our convenient tools to send a prewritten message to your representative.

The BLM rule changes are based on a presidential directive and four secretarial orders-all of which circumvent Congress, states and a wide range of national, regional and local stakeholders. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

"Under the Obama Administration, lands in Wyoming and all across the West were the target of aggressive federal regulations that were devastating to our jobs, our land and our way of life. Following weeks of consultation with fellow members of Congress, Gov. Matt Mead and numerous state industry and local government groups, I'm pleased to introduce legislation to repeal BLM Planning 2.0," Congresswoman Cheney said.

According to the U.S. Government Publishing Office, "a joint resolution is a legislative proposal that requires the approval of both houses and the signature of the president, just as a bill does."

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Now more than ever, it is crucial that you and your riding friends become members of the AMA to help protect our riding freedoms. More members mean more clout against the opponents of motorcycling. That support will help fight for your rights - on the road, trail and racetrack and in the halls of government. If you are a motorcycle rider, join the AMA at www.americanmotorcyclist.

A #klr650 on the #northshore of Oahu. It doesn't get much better.
Another huge thanks to Seamus and President Grace at the @polynesianculturalctr for a great island ride!
#everide #ADV #dualsport #ridetheworld

Check out the latest Maui playlist featuring videos from AccidentalBroadcast, Minitstop Motostuffs, and myself. Beautiful moto!

My good buddys Jeff (Colorado Dual Sport) and Tyler (Everide) both came to visit me this Month on separate trips. Here are some clips of our most non-heinous...

Hey guys, please be patient with me when it comes to both personal and business communication. I'm a little overwhelmed. I am behind on hundreds of emails, private messages, and comments in several social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). My apologies for getting back so late to so many. I wish I could be faster, but I'm just one dude and have to make a choice between spending time editing or spending time answering messages. I'm nearly caught up with Patreon communications, and soon I'll get to as many as possible before shifting gears back to the final Mojave video. Thanks for understanding!

What would your dream Hawaiian vacation look like? Like eveRide for more videos like this, and please LIKE and SHARE!
This is only the trailer for my Hawaii dual sport motorcycle, scuba, zipline, and beach adventure on the Island of Maui and the North Shore of Oahu. SUBSCRIBE to see more of this amazing adventure!

See the Full Version:

++AB's original "Lost files..":

Music: "American" by Whole Z and Lana Del Rey:

Massive Thanks to Curt aka Minitstop:

Special Thanks to The Hox:

Jordan Cody at Ride Maui is the best!

HUGE Thanks to my Gentleducers/Patrons:

Enormous Thanks to my parents and the anonymous patron who let me couch surf!

Much love to the Polynesian Cultural Center:

Epic thanks to CLIMBWORKS at Keana Farms:

Now that I'm back in the desert, these scenes mirror dreams more than reality. Another huge thanks to @45minitstop and @mauiweddingplanner for making those dreams into reality!
#everide #ADV #dualsport #ridetheworld #Husqvarna #TE449 #maui

Here's a SNEAK PEEK at some of the riding on Maui! My excellent friend Minitstop Motostuffs and I had a blast doing this dual vlog together. I'm so stoked he's making moto videos again!
Dual Vlog:
Curt's first vlog in a YEAR!

Whoa, another video so soon! Gnars! Let me know what you think! I am liking the high5 name or something similar. Curt

Bucket list: ride on a volcano above the clouds: check.
@45minitstop looking awesome aboard his #wr250.
#everide #ADV #dualsport #ridetheworld

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