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Finally... FINALLY lane splitting could be legal in Utah! This could set a precedent for other states to follow suit. There's a poll at the bottom of this article, make sure to make yourself heard!

The Hawaii adventure day 1 is now LIVE! I answer the question of how I even made it to Hawaii, and ride up Maui's enormous volcano, Haleakala!
Watch it HERE:

On my latest video I finally went through and approved all the links to people's favorite videos in the comments. It's now a veritable treasure trove of AWESOME moto videos in the comments section! Check it out! Oh... and if you want to post some of your favorite videos right here, go ahead! The more the better... I'm gonna need a few good ones when my backside's recovering!

Hey guys, just a quick update on why I haven't been posting a whole lot of videos lately. It's called the "bumtato", and I should be back in the game after a...

Coming soon: we power 3 #DualSport #motorcycles 10,000 feet up #Maui 's majestic #Haleakala #Volcano ! Riders: @45minitstop on a #yamaha #wr250r, @offone03 on a #ktm, and me on a #husqvarna #TE449
#everide #ADV #dualsportlife #ridetheworld #wlfenduro #advrider #Hawaii #enduro #moto #motorcycle #video #tropical #adventure

More #dualsport shenanigans from the #afteRally! I was shocked. The #klr650 and #xr650l did everything the smaller #enduro bikes did, just with a little more conviction!
#everide #ADV #dualsportlife #ridetheworld #wlfenduro #advrider #Utah #drz #moto #wr250 #yamaha #suzuki #kawasaki #klr #dualsportadventure #ktm #motorcycle #dirtbike

A brief demonstration of how much fun the #klr650, #xr650l, #drz400, and a few other #dualsport #motorcycles were to ride during the #FlyingMonkeyAdventureRally and #afteRally!
#everide #ADV #wlfenduro #ridetheworld #dualsportlife

When you gaze over a cliff onto one of many moto playgrounds in #SaintGeorge and there's not another soul in sight, you truly feel like a king.
#everide #ADV #dualsport #ridetheworld

It's very rare that I get political, but what do you guys think of this article?
Companies like Patagonia, REI, etc have fought against the AMA in the past and are getting brazenly political when it comes to land closures and designations with their dollars. As I've said before, I, for one, will get political right back with my own dollars.
Since I've known what these companies do with their dollars (close public lands to OHV and make ultimatums to any who oppose) I've not spent a penny with any of them. It's up to you whether to do the same, but if you like ADV and dual sport motorcycling, you may want to spend your dollars with companies who don't actively promote the closure of the few lands we have left to enjoy.
Here's a short list of companies who actively contribute to the lobby of land closure to OHV:
Outdoor Research
North Face
MSR (Mountain Safety Research, not Malcolm Smith Racing... Malcolm Smith Racing rocks!)
Adidas Outdoor

Day two's 20+ minute video of the Mojave Adventure is a go!
See it here!

I've had several messages about a lack of videos/uploads lately. Don't worry, I'm not quitting or anything! There are many aspects of life and business that I'm getting sorted out, and even with that I should have a nice long 20 minute conclusion to the Mojave series coming out in a day or two.
If you're into the mundane, here are a few goings-ons:
+While off the bikes I've been doing some basic repairs in-house, and doing some major repairs with friends. We're replacing the valves and clutch on the WR290f, with some work on the front forks, replacing the clutch on the DRZ, and getting the as-yet-to-be-revealed review bike ready to go for it's reveal.
+I've been spending a lot of time rewarding Patrons and stickerducers. Shirts, keychains, sticker packs, lots of private messages and videos... they've been awesome to me, so I do my best to make them happy.
+I am eternally trying to catch up with communications.
+Aside from some amazing but honestly painful riding in Hawaii, I've largely been off the bikes since late October due to a medical issue that makes riding quite painful. Riding is obviously a huge part of my life and going without it, along with just a flaw in my body, does take mental, physical, and emotional tolls. I've got a doc's appointment on the 21st to schedule a surgery. I'm not sure how long recovery will be, but it kills me to have to pass up so many incredible riding opportunities.
+My son is perpetually teething, and the fastest crawler known to man. He can sniff out trouble a mile away, and as a stay-at-home dad I enjoy helping raise the little dude along with my other two kiddos, but it takes an enormous amount of time and supervision.
+My wife and I are celebrating our 13th anniversary!
+My 90 yr. old grandpa has been spending a lot of time in town, and I've enjoyed hanging out with him and am appreciating his good health.
+We've been actively looking for a more kid-friendly place to live in St. George (less busy roads, more kids in the neighborhood), and moving is on the horizon.
+I'm learning the joys of taxes and bookkeeping. While most of it is obviously miserable, it is cool to play it like a game and see just how many things I can honestly write off.

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