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@madriggle and @gjaness looking quite dapper atop a beasty hill. Both of these guys can shred!
#everide #dualsport #microrally

THEY SURVIVED! The first #everide #microrally is wrapping up and we had an amazing time! Broken bikes, burned clutches, banged up knees, dust choked lungs, and enough laughs and stories to fill a few SD cards with 4k footage... All part of the fun :) From left to right:
Will, Greg, Ted, Rick, and Al... Let me know your Instagrams and I'll tag ya!

Some people call it a #KLR650. I call it the Frankentractor. @frickinjim calls it the EARTH MOVER! Getting some final #djimavic footage before I give this beast away to a very deserving vet.
#everide #Utah

Today's riding in Southwest #Utah was beautiful! And brutal! I guess I could say it was brutaful? I'm officially making that a thing. #BRUTAFUL 😁

I can't get enough of these #drone shots from the #djimavic! A huge thanks to my friend Garrett for "riding the bull" while I flew and filmed these shots for the upcoming #crf450 review.
#everide #dualsport #dirtbike

A short cliffside clip of Garrett pummeling some rocky stuff on the Honda #crf450 for the upcoming review.

Love this shot from @michael_twitch21!
As I was searching #everide pics this morning I was simply in awe of all the beautiful places people are getting out and seeing on these fantastic machines. To be a small part of a community with such talent, enthusiasm, passion, and boldness to get out an explore this gorgeous earth is truly an honor! A very sincere THANK YOU to all those who inspire a life of beauty and adventure! Much love!

- "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." .
Was an absolutely great ride after work, bike felt hooked up and ran really well. Love that I can get off work and just hit up some trails on the way home. #ttr250 #yamaha #dualsport #dualsportlife #cdsr #sealsavers #plated #everide #wheretheroadends #hungryvalley #socaldualsport #ohv

These #dirtbike trails in #Utah aren't recommended for people with #agorophobia (fear of open spaces), #acrophobia (fear of heights), or #claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces)... for obvious reasons 😅
#everide #adv #motorcycle @rmatvmc

Here's the details on the first ever Micro-Rally! Message me on YouTube or email me with questions: everide dot org at gmail dot com. I'm sorry it's such short notice, but if you're dying to get in some final riding before the snow hits, Southwest Utah is a solid place to be!

I had an absolute BLAST at the recent rallies, and I want to do it again! However, I'd like the group to be a lot smaller and a lot more engaged. I'm looking for just five riders with intermediate off-road skills to join me for a week of pure, undiluted, Southwest Utah AWESOME SAUCE!

This is a chance to get to know me and a few fellow riders, build skills, make some awesome friends, see the last remnant of the wide-open American wild west, and get some excellent footage of it all!

When is it? Next Month! November 15th to the 20th, 2017. I know that's fairly short notice, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I'm hoping it will work a little easier with your schedules.

What's the schedule? We'll meet, greet, and eat on Wednesday with free shuttle pickup at the Las Vegas airport. Thursday will be a "skill builder" day where we'll assess skills, go over some riding technique, try some unique and possibly challenging terrain, and learn from each other! Friday and Saturday we'll put those skills to the test on the most beautiful, diverse trails that are appropriate for the group. Sunday is a free-for-all day to ride wherever you like, and possibly get going if you need to. I'll be hanging with family that day. Monday is time to pack up, and shuttle back to the airport.

How many can come? Well, that's the good and bad part. I'm limiting the size of the rally to just 5 riders. That means that not everybody who wants to come will be able to come, but the group will be a lot tighter. Don't worry, though, if this Micro Rally is a success, we'll do more in the future for beginner groups, intermediate groups, and advanced groups! If it's not, though, then this may be the one and only chance to do something like this ;)

What does it include?

+ 5 nights at the moto mansion, Wednesday evening to Monday morning (Theater screen, full garage with tools and lift, full laundry, full kitchen, comfy beds, powerful shower, fast wifi, and snacks.)

+ 4 days of dual sport motorcycle rental (or get 50% off if you bring your own). I've made a deal with a local rental company to get a pretty solid discount.

+ 3 Guaranteed days of guided riding and filming with me in some of the most awesome places in Southwest Utah.

+ FOOD! I provide dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and lunch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We'll be eating at the best places in St. George. Steaks, Thai, Sushi, Fresh Mex, Authentic Mexican, Burgers, and Vietnamese... whatever your heart desires! (Sorry but I can't include drinks... they can get pricey in Utah!)

+ Guided days are tailored to your riding style (this micro-rally will be focused toward novice-intermediate riders. You'll need to be comfortable riding dirt roads with rocky sections, moderate hills, and just a bit of shallow sand.)

+ You get all the footage from all my cameras to remember the trip and even make your own adventure video!

+ You'll also be featured in that week's eveRide videos!

+ Shuttle pickup and drop-off at the airport on Wednesday and Monday.

+ You'll need to bring ALL your own gear (helmets and full boots (no hiking boots or shorties) are required to ride, and a Sena headset is highly recommended!)

+ Cost if you bring your own bike: $749

+ Cost if you'd like to rent a bike (DRZ 400, WR250R, WR250F, CRF450x) from my rental buddies: $1499

If you're familiar with the costs of other rental motorcycles, shuttle costs, hotel stays, private guided tours, private coaching, eating out at restaurants, and even some large ADV rallies... then you know this is an INSANE deal!

Why am I doing this? Well, very basically, Amazon and YouTube used to be my bread and butter, and now they've dwindled to nearly nothing. It's not for lack of sales or views, either... they just keep dropping rates. The Micro Rallies are yet another way for me to adapt to the ever-changing demands of this weird, wild business venture.

Feel free to sign up by yourself, bring a buddy, or bring a family member! There are only 5 slots available! 5 beds, 5 bikes, 5 nights. If you have a group of five riders who'd like to come, let me know ASAP, we might be able to get some different dates going.

To book it, simply send me a message or an email and I'll coordinate with you. Due to the small group size and past demand I can only guarantee your booking after payment has been made.

I hope to see you in November! Much love!


Here's the details on the first ever Micro-Rally! Message me here on YouTube or email me with questions: everide dot org at gmail dot com. I'm sorry it's suc...

Many people have asked how I get the aerial shots, and here it is. This is an AWESOME DEAL! Refurb DJI Mavic Pro for $799!

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